Red Pill Coin Pre-ICO/ICO Moves to Etherdelta

We've decided to move the ICO to Etherdelta. This way buyers will be able to quickly receive their purchased coins. A small number of coins will be made available "roughly" each day. The release and a

How To View Red Pill In Your Ethereum Wallet

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Red Pill Coin Is Built Upon The Grounds Of Equality!

The red pill is a peer to peer crypto currency which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and is compatibles with the other different cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, this cryptocurrency has a

Red Pill Coin Chrome Extension, Web Wallet And Android App All Launched!

Hello Red Pill community, We have wonderful news for everyone. To coincide with the final Red Pill Coin ICO, we have launched the Red Pill coin web wallet, Chrome extension and Android App. All are

Red Pill Coin Final ICO Delayed By 3 Weeks

Hello everyone. We just wanted to announce that the Red Pill coin final ICO has been delayed by roughly 3 weeks. The Final ICO is now scheduled to begin on February 20th, 2017. We will be using the ad

ICO Plans And Future Plans

The ICO date will be announced soon. The first and primary goal of the ICO is the raise capital and circulate Red Pill. Capital raised will first be used towards continued development and improvement

Power to the People

After receiving feedback from investors, and potential investors, to ease concerns that we would maintain considerable power over the Red Pill currency, we have acted quickly and reduced the total sup