After receiving feedback from investors, and potential investors, to ease concerns that we would maintain considerable power over the Red Pill currency, we have acted quickly and reduced the total supply of Red Pill coins by roughly half. There are now only 100,008,760.8925 RPIL coins remaining. with over 99 million coins being burned and permanently destroyed as reflected on the Ethereum network which can be verified here on

This decision was made to ensure that the community of Red Pill users will have full control over the currencies growth. 50 Million coins will now be available for the pre-sale and ICO. Roughly 20 million coins have already been sold to private sale buyers months earlier. 10 million coins are being set aside for the Red Pill bounty program which leaves only 20 million coins. 10 million of these coins will be placed into cold storage, while the RPIL team will keep the remaining 10 million as compensation.