The red pill is a peer to peer crypto currency which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and is compatibles with the other different cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, this cryptocurrency has a community nature which sets a tone for what makes it a not only of the cryptocurrency community but also for the Ethereum network. Following the report on the Forbes magazine on the position of Red pill coin. I would like to state categorically that Red pill coin has no political affiliations with any organization/party. Red pill was developed as an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. The coin which is a secure means of sending and receiving payment is not attached to any political party and such claims are meant to destroy the name of the coin. The purposes of the coin are safeguarding the wealth and asset while at the same time making it easy to transfer red pill currency from one individual to another using mobiles, desktop and web-based application that facilitates this process. The red pill also aims to protect content creator who is their content removed from the platforms such as YouTube. The red pill is not a political statement nor is it an endorsement for the controversial website creators or content. It is not linked to a political party as suggested in the article. It is rather developed to aid in the ensuring freedom of speech in an environment where there is a greater risk of demolitions. It is named from the matrix and this refers to people freeing their individual minds. Currency to that statement that is highlighted on the Forbes article, the coin is not affiliated in any way to the promotion of hatred, persecutions of any group which is based on gender, ages, race or religion in any part of the world.