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Make And Receive Payments Securely

First and foremost, Red Pill is a secure cryptocurrency that makes sending and receiving payments easy, safe and fun.

Designed For Creators

Red Pill is designed for people who love to create content and consume content. It is an excellent currency that can be used to support your favorite.

It Has Real Monetary Value

Unlike reputation points, Red Pills can be converted to cash. This separates Red Pill from virtually every other reward tier system out there.


The Red Pill Economy

Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich online communities. Red Pill can be used for many different purposes. Communities can for example, use Red Pill to reward their members for everything from meeting certain milestones (e.g. making a certain number of post on a forum) or to reward them for their loyalty (e.g. awarding members pills for being member for a year). Red Pill can also be used to reward subscribers of a product or service. Furthermore at Red Pill also makes a great tip

By The People For The People

Red Pill is not a currency controlled by governments or banks. Red Pill is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is owned, operated and re-distributed by the People. The true value of Red Pill Is You.