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In early 2017, an event known as the adpocalypse occured.Creators on various platforms, began losing access to advertising revenue due to boycotts by large companies that didn't want their products displayed alongside controversial content. Platforms like YouTube and Google Adsense began suspending Ad placement the content of creators across the web causing significant losses in income. Soon after, fan funding platforms like Patreon and PayPal, also began to close the accounts of content creators that they deemed controversial as well. Many content creators ranging from YouTubers, Bloggers, and even Musicians found themselves without any means of financially funding their content.


Red Pill Coin is designed to help fans support content creators. An immediate question, is why do we need Red Pill?, when Bitcoin already exist. The first answer can be found in the current volatility of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. Unfortunately, because Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency that is used by various industries, and in various markets, for various purposes, even small changes in some of these industries and markets that rely upon it, can lead to massive volatility in prices, meaning it can easily plunge overnight, even on bad news that is not directly related to financial and crypto markets.
Red Pill coin changes this. Red Pill coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Red Pill coin is designed for Fans and content creators. This means that it targets a very large niche audience. Because of this, Red Pill coin is better insulated from the volatility that is found in the greater crypto community, and of course, may prove to be significantly less volatile than Bitcoin, because it is designed specifically for a designated industry/market.


While other cryptocurrencies exist, that are attempting to do something similar to Red Pill, there are major flaws in their design. While Red Pill coin is decentralized, and can be accessed on any Ethereum wallet (e.g. myetherwallet) that supports custom ERC20 tokens, most of the other cryptocurrencies run on their own Blockchains that can go offline, require extensive custom code to be added to an exchange, and are still centralized in some sense. Red Pill coin, gives people the freedom to instantly store Red Pills, how they want, and where they choose, with no middle man. Red Pill is also extremely easy to be integrated by software vendors because of its ERC20 token standard.
Red Pill since launch has successfully rolled out several huge platforms to facilitate in the growth of the Red Pill crypto community. The Red Pill Coin Web Wallet, Red Pill Coin Wallet Chrome Extension and Red Pill Android App have all successfully launched on time or ahead of schedule. The Red Pill mobile miner app is currently in development, and the android version of the App is scheduled to be released on July of 2018. These platforms and tools allow content creators and fans to help grow the Red Pill ecosystem, and tools like the mobile miner also allows people outside of the niche to get involved, and grow the community further.