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The Most Trusted Wallet

Red Pills Can Be Stored Using The Official Ethereum Wallet Mist, which is available on Github.

Need BitCoin/Ethereum?

To Buy Red Pill, you will need Ethereum, and to send Red Pill you will need Ethereum. We Recommend Using Coinbase for all your Bitcoin/Ethereum related needs.

Our Favorite Wallet

MyEtherWallet Is Our Favorite Platform For Storing Red Pills. You Can use MyEtherWallet To Not Only Store Red Pills, But To Also Generate A Paper Wallet, So you can take your Red Pills With You On The Go.



Red Pill will be available on various markets that choose to support them. For now you can purchase them directly on Forkdelta Market place (and any others currently announced). The total Red Pill coins in existence is 50 million at this time, and no more can ever be created.

The Official Red PIll Exchange

ForkDelta Is the Official Exchange For Red Pill. Red Piller’s are a unique bunch. If you would like to talk with other Red Pill users, or find answers for questions on using Red Pill, you can use the ForkDelta Forums in addition to reaching out to us directly via our contact form or through email.